NCP-5 Sports and Prevention

NCP-5 External Counterpulsation Device

Helping You Take Care of Your Health, Your Greatest Wealth.

Non-Surgical. FDA-Cleared. Soothing & Relaxing.

What is ECP Therapy?

ECP Therapy helps the cardiovascular system stay stronger for longer by boosting blood circulation. The increased blood flow delivers increased oxygen, nutrients, antibodies as well as enhances the removal of waste from your body.


Good Health Starts at Home

With the NCP-5 ECP Therapy machine in your home, you can proactively manage and improve your mental and physical wellbeing as well as increase your parents' immunity, helping them better protect themselves from viruses and other harmful diseases.



Unlike other ECP machines, the NCP-5 folds to a compact, portable size that is easy to move between treatment areas, and position where it’s most convenient. NCP-5 provides the same effective ECP treatment as large, stationary units.



The NCP-5 runs on standard 115-VAC power so you can plug it into any power outlet in your clinic. Quiet and cool - no distraction or annoyance to patients or staff.


Ease of Use

Everything about the NCP-5 is designed for ease of use.

  • Large 15.6-inch color monitor
  • Cuff configuration for all sizes
  • User interface runs on Microsoft® Windows® to make treatment sessions easier


Treatment Pressure and Duration

  • Up to 6.0 psi
  • Treatment duration timer - Eleven pre-set treatment time options 10 - 60min

Equipment Dimension and Weight

  • When ready for use: 1930mm (L) x 718mm (W) x 927mm (H)
  • When folded: 953mm (L) x 718mm (W) x 965mm (H)
  • Weight: 102kg (225lbs)

Power Requirement

  • 100V-240V at 50/60 Hz with a power rating of 1400W 3-wire electrical outlet depending on the country-specific requirements

Electical and Mechanical Safety Feature

  • Factory-set pressure relief valve to prevent patient exposure to excessive cuff pressures
  • Operator and patient access to an Emergency Stop button
  • Automatic deflation of cuffs when power loss of system shutdown occurs
  • Electrical isolation circuitry for patient protection
  • No activation of pump unless system software and laptop are operating

Software Safety Features

System will be alerted and inflation / deflation will be suspended in any of these events

  • lf heart rate exceeds the normal range of operation(< 36 BPM or> 124 BPM)
  • When an externa! (patient) ECG signal is not available or reliable
  • lf the laptop is unable to display data

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